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Metal Stamping

Short-Run Services

We proudly offer in-house solutions for your stamping needs.

Short-Run Metal Stamping

During Miller Fabrication & Welding, Inc.’s short run stamping process, we use a variety of pre-made tools and custom tools to design one-off or low-volume parts. Short run stamping offers a quick turnaround time and is best suited for smaller volume orders. 

Miller Fabrication & Welding, Inc. is proud to work with our clients on every step of the stamping process and we will help determine whether long run or short run stamping is best for your product. Our custom short run stamping services will provide you with a highly precise metal stamping.

Short run metal stamping services for custom projects

When to Use Short Run Stamping

When it comes to deciding whether to use long run or short run stamping, our engineers will help decide the option best suited for your parts. We will create a blank, implement features, drill if needed, before finishing the metal stamping process. Some of the benefits of short run stamping include:

  1. Quick turnaround time
  2. Shorter lead time
  3. Best for small volume orders
  4. Minimal tooling expenses
  5. Reduction of revisions