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Benefits of Deburring

At the end of our fabrication or production process, deburring allows us to achieve a perfect finish. Some of the many benefits of the deburring service includes:
  • Improves surface appearance
  • Promotes adhesion
  • Reduces negative product performance
  • Achieves higher quality finish
  • Improves edge quality
  • Increases safety of product
  • Reduces assembly time
DeBurring Services for Mechanical and Fabricated Components| Miller Fab & Welding - Ohio

Quality Deburring Services

Deburring is an essential part of our fabrication process. In essence, our process will remove burrs, or the residual rough edges or protrusions that are left behind after the production process. Burrs or irregular edges can impact the capability of the produced parts, which is why our deburring services play a crucial role in producing the best products.

Burr Removal Services

Especially for in-flight galley equipment, parts need to be precise and burr-free. Miller Fabrication & Welding, Inc. specializes in burr removal using the industry’s best methods. Our deburring provides a consistent finish for high-volume projects. With reliable services and quick delivery, our deburring capabilities are integrated into all of our fabrication services.

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