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Long-Run Services

We proudly offer in-house solutions for your stamping needs.
Stamping Services for custom parts; Mapco

Long-Run Metal Stamping

At Miller Fabrication & Welding, Inc., we work with our clients on every step of the stamping process. By developing your part from tooling design to the finished product, you can trust our process. 

We will help determine whether long run or short run stamping is best for your product. Our custom stamping methods are repeatable and achieve uniform results so that we can produce whatever quantity you require.

Long Run Stamping

Long run stamping is ideal for long term, high volume parts. Long run is best suited for bigger projects, as it can produce parts fast and efficient.

This metal stamping service produces the best pieces for the lowest cost.
We are able to produce stamped metal parts from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and more. Some of the many benefits of long run stamping include:

  1. Less scrap metal produced
  2. Quicker setup time
  3. Bigger output with a single process
  4. Longer runs
  5. Easy repeatability
  6. Lower cost
  7. Quick reproduction speed