MAPCO is efficient and effective when it comes to repairing aircraft galley components. MAPCO repairs aircraft galley components to customer requirements with exceptional turnaround times. MAPCO has the capabilities to repair specific issues or to completely overhaul aircraft galley components. MAPCO conducts repairs on an “as needed” basis or we offer yearly contracts. ¬†FAA #OT5R105N

MAPCO can replace thermostats, heaters, spigots, and gaskets with PMA parts on most any HOT JUG. We clean it inside and out to make it not only look like new, but function like new again.

MAPCO repairs hot and cold liquid containers. MAPCO sells and installs many common PMA repair parts. Whatever your liquid container needs, MAPCO is here to help.

MAPCO has the certifications to repair aircraft warming ovens and supply replacement parts. Whether you need complete repair or just replacement parts, MAPCO is here to help.

MAPCO specializes at repairing most configurations of in-flight galley carts. MAPCO has the capabilities to replace everything from the castors, to the appropriate  inserts that go with the unit. Whether it is a half size Atlas or a full size KSSU waste cart, MAPCO is your source for complete repair.

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